About Our Firm

“The client’s needs are our Number 1 priority. When a choice must be made, the client’s needs are the determining factor.”  ~ Lawrence E. Nelson

The firm began in 1981 as the Law Offices of Lawrence E. Nelson, located in beautiful downtown Puyallup. Mr. Nelson established the firm’s reputation for its dedication to clients, outstanding service, and community involvement.


Over the years, Mr. Nelson enhanced the firm by adding attorneys and staff with unique experience that applies directly to advising and serving our clients. As a matter of fact, all of our attorneys had successful careers, before they became attorneys. Having “been there” adds great depth to our ability to advise our clients.


The firm changed its name to Nelson & Carver, P.S. in 2005 when Mr. Nelson and Mrs. Carver formally announced their partnership until Mrs. Carver retired in December 2018.


As of July 1, 2019, Mr. Nelson and Mr. Allen have been partners and renamed the firm Nelson & Allen, P.S.


After the passing of our founding partner, Mr. Nelson, the firm welcomed Daniel Walk into the fold as a new partner and announced that it would now be known as Nelson Allen Walk, P.S.


Dan continues the history of our attorneys obtaining valuable career and life experience before becoming an attorney. Jeff (Allen) and Dan (Walk), both of whom grew up right here in Puyallup, look forward to continuing our existing firm relationships as well as cultivating the new ones!