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You may know the old adage, “You don’t get what you deserve; you get what you negotiate.”


When it comes to negotiation, you need experience and confidence. Our attorneys have extensive experience with negotiations of all complexities, for named parties and undisclosed principals. Our prior business careers help place us in our clients’ shoes, able to understand what is important in a transaction and how it impacts our clients’ present situation and on the future.




All our attorneys are trained mediators. We offer clients experience and a unique focus on careful listening, understanding, patience, and passion for problem solving.


Mediation focuses on communications among parties involved with a dispute to help them reach a mutually acceptable agreement. A mediator helps the participants work toward resolution through partial assistance, with a goal of resolving their own dispute fairly and without need for litigation or trial.




Our attorneys are experienced in arbitrations in all our practice areas.


Private arbitration can be less costly and less time consuming alternative to litigation. The benefit of arbitration includes streamlined preparation of the case, faster resolution, no possibility of Court scheduling conflict and delays, and limited appeals. Some arbitration awards may be sealed as confidential, as well.




Our attorneys provide competent representation for all of our clients, whether their legal matters involve personal or business issues, and whether our clients are plaintiffs or defendants. The attorneys and staff at Nelson & Carver will skillfully guide you through the complex legal process.




At the appellate level, your case becomes highly technical in the eyes of the law. Appeals are challenging and our attorneys understand this. Our attorneys stand ready to represent you with experience, perspective, high level appellate advocacy, and focus on your desired outcome.

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